Advancements in Mycoplasma Screening at GPLN

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During the BioChek lunch meeting at IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, Brenda Parker Glidewell, M.S, (Director of Serology and Quality, at Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network) spoke about the “Advancements in Mycoplasma Screening at the Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network”.
GPLN is the largest laboratory network dedicated to poultry testing in the United States and is a worldwide leader in serology automation and robotics.
Brenda’s presentation explored the improvements in both specificity and sensitivity with ELISA based testing as well as the complimentary synergy of combining ELISA and PCR methodologies in investigating the mycoplasma status at production poultry locations. Using case studies and field based experiences she also explained the value that GPLN offers their customer base through the effective use of the best testing tools available to laboratories.

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