BioChek is a veterinary diagnostics company specialized in diagnostic kits for the poultry and swine industry.
These diagnostic tests provide information about the health status of the herds of swine or flocks of chickens tested. If test results point at animal health problems, the farmer can take corrective action.

Our customers are specialized veterinary laboratories running the samples provided by Farmers.

Since the foundation of BioChek in 1997, we operate in almost all countries in the world from our manufacturing facility in the UK and our commercial head office in the Netherlands.

BioChek manufactures efficient and accurate diagnostics assays based on ELISA and qPCR principles.

BioChek offers a complete range of products to our customers. The BEAR (BioChek ELISA Assay Robot) is a complete solution for running ELISA Assays. For easy data management BioChek has developed a comprehensive, user friendly software package and app. This powerful software package allows users to access data 24/7 and create both individual and trend reports.

BioChek has a strong reputation in service, our technical support ensures the ease of use for veterinary laboratories and accurate results for end users. Please don’t hesitate to contact BioChek if you need more information.

Phone: +31 (0) 182 582 592
Fax: +31 (0) 182 599 360


BioChek was founded in 1997 as a joint venture of BioChek C.V based in the Netherlands and Chromotech Ltd based in the UK. In 2003 it saw these two companies merge to become BioChek. The two main head offices still exist in the Netherlands and UK with other sites emerging around the globe, namely in the USA, Brazil and China. A full list of our locations and distributors can be viewed by clicking here:BioChek Locations


BioChek are continuing their research and development with the aim of increasing their species range and developing new techniques.

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