Keeping animals healthy, guaranteeing animal welfare and controlling contagious zoonotic diseases… we work on these objectives daily. In the sheds, the laboratory… animal health is a central focus everywhere. The starting point is that every measure must be taken to prevent diseases. After all, prevention is always better than healing. It involves sound research into animal health with reliable results. Eric Jensen of Aviagen agrees with this principle. Not surprisingly, he decided to introduce a new test method to detect Mycoplasma. You can read about the how and why in this new BioChek Bulletin.

You will also find an interview with Joaquim Segalés, director of the well-known research institute into animal health, CReSA (Centre de Recerca en Sanitat Animal). He talks about the activities of his research institute and calls for more international research into diseases and their control. He is concerned not only about the animals’ health, but also the international public health.

There is an interview with Dan Wilson talking about Rose Acre Farms’ experiences with the BioChek Elisa Assay Robot (B.E.A.R.), which can carry out all of the essential ELISA tests quickly and reliably with a minimum of staff, and thus lower costs.

Finally, we go to Russia, where the poultry veterinarian Boris Sergeevich Skiba has final responsibility for the health of the poultry of the Cherkizovo Group. With over 200 million broiler chicks, that is an enormous job.

All of these articles are published in our latest BioChek Bulletin, and I and my colleagues wish you lots of reading pleasure.

Barend van Dam
Director of BioChek

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