We have been working hard on this first edition of our new customer-related magazine over recent months. We now take enormous pride in introducing this very first BioChek Bulletin to you. In it we would like to bring you up-to-date on our BioChek products, with news and items of information concerning veterinary diagnostics.

This first edition covers a wide range of topics. Thus for instance we will take you to the headquarters of Sanderson Farms in America, where corporate veterinarian Phil Stayer explains more about his experiences with our BioChek II software – software which has been tailored fully to Sanderson Farms’ wishes and requirements. The Central Poultry Laboratory (CLP) is one of the larger Dutch laboratories conducting research into problems and pathogens affecting poultry. Until recently, serum samples were investigated manually with the ELISA technique. This has now given way to the BEAR (BioChek ELISA Assay Robot). The speed, accuracy and timesavings achieved with the BEAR have now made it indispensable in the Hardenberg lab, according to the CLP. You will also find an interview with Alex Eggen. We talked to him about the new qPCR PCV2 test, through which BioChek now has access to three difference diagnostic PCV2 tests: PCV2 Elisa, BacuChek and the qPCR test. You can read all this and more in this BioChek Bulletin.

BioChek Bulletin is not designed to become a medium intended only for veterinarians and laboratory technicians, but also a medium of veterinarians and laboratory technicians. Do you have an interesting clinical experience, or any veterinary diagnostic news you would like to share with your colleagues? Then let us know!

All that remains is for me, on behalf of the BioChek team, to hope you enjoy reading this first edition of BioChek Bulletin.

Barend van Dam
BioChek Director

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